Bounce magazine: loh-kuh-vawr

Photos by Janet Jarchow  (Published in Bounce magazine, issue 1 April 2019) Bounce Locavore Cayman Cabana PDF Not only is eating locally grown produce better for you, it is also a greener and more sustainable option too. Plus, local produce is just a whole lot tastier, left to ripen to perfection under the Caribbean sun. … Continue reading Bounce magazine: loh-kuh-vawr

Flava magazine: Cayman’s farm-to-table feasts

(Published in Flava magazine, spring issue, 2015) flava-2015-Caymans farm-to-table feasts PDF Supporting Cayman’s local farmers and fishermen is becoming central to a growing number of chefs and restaurants, with increasing numbers embracing the concept of farm-to-table. Cayman Cabana is one of the latest restaurants to host regular farm-to-table dinners, offering diners a delicious meal which … Continue reading Flava magazine: Cayman’s farm-to-table feasts

Flava magazine: Powered by water

(Published in Flava magazine, spring issue, 2015) flava-2015-powered by water PDF As I walk into an expansive greenhouse tucked out of sight off Frank Sound Road, I’m hit with a deliciously mouthwatering bouquet of fresh herbs. I’m meeting with Bruce Mico, part of the green-fingered team behind CayFresh – one of Cayman’s growing band of … Continue reading Flava magazine: Powered by water