Flava magazine: Charcuterie and cheese offer food perfection

Flava 2015 Issue 2 charcuterie and cheese (Published in Flava 2015, issue 2) When it comes to entertaining a charcuterie board is a tasty, crowd-pleasing option that’s easy to assemble quickly. Add a delicious selection of cheeses and light bites and you have a party-friendly platter that has something for everyone. Though it’s easy enough … Continue reading Flava magazine: Charcuterie and cheese offer food perfection

Cayman Compass: Makeup for summer

MAC SS2015 trends pdf (Published in the Cayman Compass Weekender, Friday 26 June, 2015) Makeup that doesn’t quite look like makeup; colorful pastels; bold, rich and playful tones; and highlighted skin are just some of the trending makeup fashions that will see fashionistas through the summer season. Indeed, this season’s over-arching look is beautifully natural … Continue reading Cayman Compass: Makeup for summer

Cayman Compass: Sundays just got tastier thanks to Catch

Catch brunch review PDF (Published in the Cayman Compass, Weekender, Friday, 29 May 2015) I’ve long been a fan of Sunday brunch. After all, who doesn’t enjoy whiling away the better part of a Sunday afternoon with a delicious smorgasbord of culinary delights, all washed down with a beverage, or two? Then, of course, there … Continue reading Cayman Compass: Sundays just got tastier thanks to Catch

Flava magazine: Going down Sticky Toffee Lane

  (Published in Flava magazine, spring 2015) https://www.flava.ky/2015/05/25/going-down-sticky-toffee-lane/ Mention Chef George Fowler, or his restaurant Calyspo Grill, and most people’s thoughts will turn to one thing; sticky toffee pudding. The pudding is the restaurant’s most popular dish, and for good reason. It’s rich, moist, smothered in toffee sauce, and quite simply delicious. Indeed, the pudding … Continue reading Flava magazine: Going down Sticky Toffee Lane

Flava magazine: Cayman’s farm-to-table feasts

(Published in Flava magazine, spring issue, 2015) flava-2015-Caymans farm-to-table feasts PDF Supporting Cayman’s local farmers and fishermen is becoming central to a growing number of chefs and restaurants, with increasing numbers embracing the concept of farm-to-table. Cayman Cabana is one of the latest restaurants to host regular farm-to-table dinners, offering diners a delicious meal which … Continue reading Flava magazine: Cayman’s farm-to-table feasts

Flava magazine: Powered by water

(Published in Flava magazine, spring issue, 2015) flava-2015-powered by water PDF As I walk into an expansive greenhouse tucked out of sight off Frank Sound Road, I’m hit with a deliciously mouthwatering bouquet of fresh herbs. I’m meeting with Bruce Mico, part of the green-fingered team behind CayFresh – one of Cayman’s growing band of … Continue reading Flava magazine: Powered by water

Cayman rescue stars on Puppy Bowl

  (Published in the Cayman Compass, February 6, 2015) Bailey, one of Cayman’s rescue dogs, found fame last weekend when the puppy was featured on “Puppy Bowl XI” a television program which mimics the annual “Super Bowl.” The program, which aired Feb. 1 on TV channel Animal Planet, showcases a host of rescue shelter puppies … Continue reading Cayman rescue stars on Puppy Bowl

Flava magazine: Totally tomato

(Published in Flava, issue 2, 2014) Totally Tomato There’s so much more to the humble tomato than a tin of Campbell’s tomato soup or a dollop of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. I love the winter season for two reasons; one, the cooler weather, which means that I no longer have to dash from one air-conditioned building … Continue reading Flava magazine: Totally tomato

Key to Cayman magazine: Pack for the Brac

(Published in Key to Cayman, winter issue, 2014) Pack for the Brac There's something rather special about Cayman Brac, the larger of the two Sister Islands. Perhaps it’s the laid-back island feel, the rugged landscape or the charming friendly “Brackers.” It’s hard to put your finger on precisely what it is, but there’s no doubt … Continue reading Key to Cayman magazine: Pack for the Brac