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Locavore brunch 3

Photos by Janet Jarchow 

(Published in Bounce magazine, issue 1 April 2019)

Bounce Locavore Cayman Cabana PDF

Not only is eating locally grown produce better for you, it is also a greener and more sustainable option too. Plus, local produce is just a whole lot tastier, left to ripen to perfection under the Caribbean sun.

With the myriad benefits of locally grown produce in mind, Cayman Cabana has recently launched a weekend farm-to-table brunch designed to shine a spotlight on Cayman’s burgeoning locavore movement.

The waterfront George Town eatery has been at the forefront of developing Cayman’s growing locavore scene. Over the years, the restaurant has worked diligently to forge relationships with local farmers and fishermen to ensure their menu features as much local produce as possible.

Christina Moxam, who runs the business with her partner Luigi, says that supporting local helps to build and create a more connected and vibrant community.

“We love to feed people beautiful, local, and delicious food, so hosting an oceanside weekend and holiday brunch, where families and friends can gather seaside was a natural progression for us,” Christina says. “Local food also tastes so much better, it’s better for you, and better for the planet.”

Luigi adds: “Launching our Locavore Brunch was another way for us to highlight our commitment to our farm-to-fork ethos. We also have a lot of fun with our feature brunch cocktails and bubbles, perfect for sipping on in a beautiful oceanside setting.”

On the menu

Locavore brunch 1

Unlike many other brunches, which are buffet style, the brunch at Cayman Cabana is an a la carte affair.

Simply pull up a chair at one of the many tables perched on the multi-tiered deck right on the water’s edge, pick what you fancy feasting and sipping on, and then let your server do the footwork for you.

Popular favourites include a selection of eggs benedict cooked to perfection, including the ever popular Oxtail Benny; the Cabana Avo Toast, a delicious dish featuring creamy avocado, fresh local tomatoes and basil, topped with feta, coconut bacon, and balsamic all served up on toasted sourdough bread; the Coconut Bacon French Toast, which features thick-cut bread flown in specially from the Cayman Brac Pioneer Bakery, caramalised bananas, whipped cream, and coconut bacon; and salt fish and ackee, a Caribbean staple served with local green banana, breadkind, and local sautéed callaloo.

There’re ample free-flowing drinks too, including mimosas (a perennial brunch staple), and Cayman Cabana’s signature Stoli Caesars, garnished with pickled local green beans and wing beans. There’s also a selection of fresh juices.

“Similar to our lunch and dinner menu, working with high quality and locally sourced ingredients is paramount,” Luigi explains. “Brunch doesn’t have to be bougie, but it has to be fun, beautiful, and delicious. Bottom line is people want to enjoy lots of great tasting food with friends and family, coupled with great value and an awesome ambiance.”

From farm-to-fork

Locavore brunch 4

It goes without saying that delicious, locally grown produce is paramount to the success of Cayman Cabana’s locavore ethos.

Two farmers that Cayman Cabana work particularly closely with are Clarence Mclaughlin and Patrick Panton, both of whom Cayman Cabana has weekly standing orders with to ensure the freshest seasonal produce.

Both farmers are familiar faces on Cayman’s food scene, offering their fresh produce at local farmers markets.

Originally from Cayman Brac, farmer Clarence’s farm is in Bodden Town and offers a rich source of a wide variety of tasteful produce, including leafy greens, root vegetables, and fruits. Patrick Panton’s farm, Cayman Farm and Garden, is also located in Bodden Town. He offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, alongside chickens and eggs. In addition, Cayman Cabana has a wide network of smaller farmers, growers, and fishermen, who they regularly source from.

“We work closely with our farmers and fishermen to source beautiful farm fresh eggs, seafood, callaloo, coconuts, fresh fruits, tomatoes, plantain, sweet potatoes, wing beans, breadkind, herbs, and everything in between,” Luigi says.

“We’re after all things local, and we love unique and unusual ingredients. Whether it’s a stop on the side of the road at a local farm stand, a visit to the Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market or the Market at the Cricket Grounds, if it’s local, we want it.”

Christina adds: “When you’re working with incredible ingredients, you get incredible food.”

Indeed, this statement couldn’t ring truer as I tuck into Cayman Cabana’s signature Cabana Avo Toast washed down with a glass of bubbles. Simply delicious.


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