The Cayman Book: Luxury on the water


catamaran luxury on the water

(Published in The Cayman Book magazine, Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019)

The Cayman Book Luxury on the Water PDF

Cruise Cayman’s aquamarine waters in true VIP style aboard one of the island’s largest and most luxurious catamarans. The Cayman Book team gives it a whirl.

Lying on the trampoline nets of a luxurious yacht the worries of the day start to ebb away. Indeed, with the warmth of the Caribbean sun enveloping me and Cayman’s crystal-clear sea gently rocking the boat from side-to-side, it’s hard not to nod off.

I’m aboard Catch the Cat with the Pink Duck Publishing team, the cast of creatives behind The Cayman Book magazine and numerous other high-end publications.

Catch the Cat is one of Cayman’s most luxurious and largest sailing catamarans available for private hire, offering guests the ultimate VIP experience.

While we might all be long-standing Cayman residents, the team never tires of a day out on the water. Indeed, Catch the Cat is a deliciously decadent way to escape the day-to-day grind of office life and enjoy the best of Caribbean living.

Catch the Cat comes with everything the most discerning of passengers could require, with a dedicated crew who are able to cater to every need.

With four double cabins, four bathrooms, and a spacious saloon and galley, Catch the Cat is the ideal private charter boat for larger family groups requiring room to spread out, or for smaller groups who will appreciate space and luxury all to themselves.

On board you’ll find a spacious rear cockpit with ample room for guests to sit and shoot the breeze, while a large gull-wing roof provides much-needed shade from the Caribbean sun. The flybridge has extensive seating and big sunbathing pads from which to soak up the sun’s rays, while the front cockpit includes seating spots to sit and enjoy the view. The catamaran’s stand-out-feature, its dual trampoline nets, offer the ideal spot to relax, snooze, or simply while away the day.

You’ll find ample drinking water, soda, chips, dips, and fresh fruit to tuck into. For foodies seeking a delicious feast out on the water there’s the option of a barbecue lunch if you wish, or the crew can even arrange for a private chef.

Alcohol isn’t supplied as standard, although the crew are happy to provide it upon request. Our tipple of choice? A bottle of Seven Fathom’s Rum. After all, you can’t be out on the Caribbean Sea without enjoying the islands’ liquor of choice.

Catching the breeze

As the catamaran gently motors from its mooring at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club we decide the order of the day. A stop-off at the Stingray Sandbar, followed by a visit to Starfish Point, then to Kaibo Restaurant & Bar for nibbles and, perhaps most importantly of all, cocktails.

There’s a wide range of tour options and activities for those hiring the catamaran, so whittling it down can take some time. Popular stop offs include Rum Point, Morgan’s Seafood Restaurant, Kaibo, and the restaurants at Camana Bay.

For those on a full-day charter there’s the option of exploring Seven Mile Beach and fishing for wahoo, barracuda, and mahi-mahi. And, for those wishing to explore below the waves, the crew can take you to a selection of some of the island’s best dive spots.

As we exit the Yacht Club and approach the North Sound the motors turn off and the crew haul up the sails. The team spread out and pick a spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the sail across the North Sound.

There’s a steady breeze, so we soon find ourselves at the Stingray Sandbar.

Gentle giants


Snorkelling amidst the friendly southern stingrays is one of Cayman’s top attractions, and it’s easy to see why.

These gentle giants have been gathering at this site for more than 50 years, likely the by-product of fishermen resting in its calm waters to clean their catch. These fishy titbits soon attracted the stingrays, who now call the sandbar home.

As the yacht anchors in the shallow waters, the stingrays quickly start to hover around the surrounding water. As we enter the crystal-clear waist-deep water, the stingrays swim around us, awaiting their treat. The crew come prepared with pieces of squid so as we can feed the stingrays and give them a rub on their velvety smooth bellies.

Once the stingrays have had their feed, we head back aboard Catch the Cat to sail over to our next stop at Starfish Point.

Located along the north-eastern tip of Cayman in North Side, Starfish Point is a beautiful stretch of beach peppered with bright red starfish in its shallow waters.

As the yacht anchors we slip into the water and soon find a cluster of starfish nestled in the shallows. While it is tempting to lift these creatures out of the water for a closer look, do resist the urge. These are delicate living creatures, so shouldn’t be handled.

After a relaxing sojourn along the beach we head on over to Kaibo, a lively restaurant, beach bar, and marina. Here we order a selection of nibbles and a round of cocktails.

All too soon it’s time to head back. As Catch the Cat sails back home we head out to the trampolines and watch the sun slowly set on the horizon, casting a stunning ethereal glow. It’s the perfect end to the perfect day.

To book your trip aboard Catch the Cat, or any of the other boats owned and operated by Cayman Yacht Charters, a division of Stingray Watersports, visit

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