Camana Bay Times: Clever kitchen helpers for under $20

(Published in the February 2018 issue of the Camana Bay Times)

Kitchen Gadgets Caman Bay Times PDF

Most everyone loves a good gadget or two and kitchens are often the place where you’ll find them. Bon Vivant in Camana Bay carries some of the best little kitchen helpers around and all of the gadgets highlighted here are priced at CI$20 or less.

Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool

Why use a regular grater when you can purchase this mini-sized grater specifically made for grating citrus fruit? Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, this nifty kitchen tool not only boasts razor-sharp edges, but also two garnishing blades to create mixologist-worthy citrus twists. The soft-touch ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand too, meaning you can grate, or twist, to your heart’s content.


Chef’n Quick Stick Snack Slicer

Kiss goodbye to unevenly sliced vegetables and fruits with this nifty tool which will make you look like a cutting pro. Make light work of cutting carrots, celery sticks, and tomatoes, for eye-pleasing platters, salads and snacks every time. Simply place fruits or vegetables in the tube, then press down on the pusher to slice.


Trudeau Egg Separator

Why take the risk of a broken egg yolk, when the Trudeau Egg Separator ensures you can effortlessly separate the white and the yolk every single time? Simply crack open an egg and pour it through the grooves of this bright yellow gadget, eliminating the hassle and time associated with this doing this dreary task by hand.


Le Creuset Stackable Ramekins

Famed French cookware brand Le Creuset’s cute-as-can-be Stackable Ramekins are arguably more of a necessity than a gadget, but we couldn’t resist including them. Use these attractive stoneware ramekins to bake miniature desserts, pies, and puddings, or use them as mini-serving pieces. Buy one in every colour to add pizzazz to your dining table.


Cuisipro Apple Corer

Coring apples is a breeze with this handy, ergonomically designed tool. Simply line up the shaft with the apple core and then gently twist into the fruit. The long sharp serrated teeth make quick work of the task, cutting cleanly through the fruit, while the unique design enables you to split the tool in half at the push of a lever for easy release of the unwanted core.


Chef’n Vibe Vegetable Steamer

 Preparing nutritious good-for-you vegetables, seafood and more, couldn’t be easier with this sleek steamer that fits into your existing pan. Made from silicone, the steamer rolls up for compact storage, helping to minimize clutter, while the long handles make removing it from hot water a breeze.


Chef’n Spice Cube Herb Freezer Tray

Who hasn’t spent money on bunches of herbs, only to have to toss them in the bin a few days later? Say goodbye to wasted money with this clever solution, the Chef’n Spice Cube Herb Freezer Tray. Like ice cubes for herbs, simply fill each section with leafy herbs, then press down on each lid to create a tight seal. Then pop in the freezer. Freezing herbs protects their delicious flavour and aroma for year-round use. The herbs are then ready to be added to your favourite recipes.




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