Observer on Sunday: Transforming your eyes


MAC makeup artist Gisel Calvillo.

(Published in the Observer on Sunday, 10 June, 2012)–your-eyes/

Makeup has the power to transform your look from dull to oh so gorgeous and the eyes are one of the first things we notice. Indeed, they say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Whether you are after a sultry come hither look, or a fashion forward statement, glam up your eyes and let them do the talking, with these top tips from MAC makeup pro, Gisel Calvillo.

How can you achieve a glamorous smoky eye affect?

I think the glam is wearing it well. To do that you need two things- A great eye shadow pencil brush and a blending brush. The basic smoky eye is all about technique. You can apply it with any colour, plum, slate gray, black, charcoal – the darker the better!

There are three steps to follow. First, line the entire eye – top, bottom and inside – with a black or dark brown eye kohl. Blend and diffuse it with the pencil brush until the line is almost erased. Add a darker tone eye shadow, like MAC’s Knight Divine eye shadow, with the blending brush onto the eye lid only. Blend out and into the crease, keeping it clean and soft. The intensity should come from the root of your lashes and lining around the eye. Finish with mascara.

How can you use eyeliner to really make eyes stand out? What are your top tips for applying?

Eye liner is a girl’s best friend! If you want it to last all day and not smudge try a gel liner. To apply use an angled brush. Start on the outer end and work your way in. Its practice, so the smaller you make it the easier it is. Q-tips go a long way, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you prefer a pencil, you can also line the top lash line and extend a small wing on the corner of the eyes.

How can you incorporate colour, without it looking over the top?

Colour is fresh modern and fun, so try a blue, sea green, purple. Use a pencil brush and apply some colour on the bottom lash line. The top lash line can either be lined with liner or left bare. Alternatively, add a small amount of colour to the crease only and blend it out.

How can you make small eyes appear larger?

Liner with wings at the end will help create a larger eye. Also applying a darker hue to the outer corner only will give the appearance of darker eyes. Try MAC’s Charcoal Brown or Mystery.

What about false eyelashes? Any tips on how to wear?

Lashes are great for giving you flirty sexy eyes. Try doing all your eye makeup first, add mascara, then lashes can be applied at the end. Once you put them on, brush them through with a lash comb, and curl. Ensure you curler is clean and has no mascara residue on it, give it a nice pump and comb again. This will help blend them all together.

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