Suite Elite rocks the rock

(Published in Cayman Airways Skies May/June, 2011)

From old time classics by Pat Benatar, to more modern-day favourites by artists like Lady Gaga, audience members are guaranteed a night of entertainment by this high-energy band.

Suite Elite was set up by Cayman resident Pam Burgess, after she spotted a gap in the market for a professional and high-quality show band that could deliver hit after hit. Having worked in the music industry for 20 years, Burgess was able to use her extensive experience to ensure that the band was anything but ordinary.

“I’ve worked with many of Cayman’s musicians, so I knew where to go to find the right combination of talent and dedication,” she explains. “And I knew once I got the mix right, it wouldn’t take long before the band took Cayman by storm.”

And indeed it did. Since Suite Elite’s inception bookings have flooded in, from corporate and government events to private functions at some of Cayman’s most high-end venues.

True to Cayman’s diverse population, the band’s members hail from across the globe. Representing Cayman is drummer Charles Ebanks. All the way from Indonesia is lead guitarist Lingga Rinaldy. U.K. native Paul Boxwell plays the bass guitar, and Jamaican Marlon Salmon plays the keyboards. Lead vocalist Burgess hails from Northern Ireland.

A seasoned performer, Burgess says music is her “first love” and that Suite Elite’s success has been down to the dedication of the band’s members to perfect each and every song.

Charles is a well-known musician who is never far from his beloved drum kit. Burgess says that it’s Charles’ drum skills and perfect pitch backing vocals that ensure the unique vocal harmony sound that Suite Elite is renowned for.

Rinaldy is arguably Cayman’s most talented guitarist. He can often be found taking centre stage with his guitar behind his back as he plays, giving him the nickname “Quick Fingers.”

Boxwell’s music career spans some 30 years and Burgess says that it’s Boxwell’s solid bass lines that create the rock vibe fans adore.

And whether it’s a classic rock and pop hit or a modern day jazz sound, Salmon, who honed his skills playing gospel music, can be called upon to always hit the right notes.

The band can be seen at the chic new nightclub Elements on Saturdays. Salmon, Rinaldy and Burgess also combine their talents as an easy listening lounge trio and can be found at some of Cayman’s most glamorous nightspots.

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